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How to bind against a event that are not supported?

first post: s093294 wrote: I want to bind against the drop event, but i do not seem to find it...

latest post: mglukhankov wrote: Thanks. I've added DragItemsStarting too.

Passing query string and overriding save state and restore state

first post: stephanronald wrote: Passing query string while navigation How do i pass query string...

latest post: mglukhankov wrote: There is an article in the [documentation](http://w8mvvm.codeplex.c...

Persisting Navigation and Handling state values

first post: stezpet wrote: I found the framework really promising and i like it very much, But...

latest post: mglukhankov wrote: @rkshnair : You do not have to duplicate a code. There are plenty o...

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